My Past


                               I am a Wildlife artist that

                              obviously has an addiction to

                              waterfowling.   I grew up in the

                              Sacramento Valley in Northern

                              California.   I would spend entire

                              days out hunting and then in the

                              spring you could find me in a flooded rice field watching courtship flights of Mallards and being chased out by crop dusters as farmers tried to plant their fields.   I started duck hunting at age twelve and it was not long before I was drawing ducks and geese.   I was fortunate enough to have teachers in high school that led me down the right path and helped me to pursue my art.   As I grew older I strugggled with painting waterfowl due to being color blind.   A challenge to say the least.   this has resulted in a lifelong love of drawing in pencil.   No colors to worry about.   I do enjoy a challenge though.   Pushed to succeed,  I forced myself to match paint to the colors of waterfowl.  I made lot's of mistakes over the years with color but for the most part I have came out on top.  

My Present


          I turned 51 last year.   What a shock to the system.   I am still out chasing ducks, geese and whatever else flies.   My love of family has taken a major roll in my life.   Being the only male in a house full of women is almost as challenging as being color blind but I would not change what I have for anything in the world.  Even the cat and dog are women.  I do have a boy named Storm.  He is a hard headed Labrador Retriever.   I have been pursuing my art more than ever and have taken on several new product idea's in the last year or so.  I have purchased eqiupment to make custom mugs and have made some great friends in doing so.   I am not stopping there.   I recently purchased equipment that will allow me to print my art or your favorite photograph onto just about anything.   This includes hand chisseled  slate and stone coasters.   I am in the planning process of a new painting to be completed late spring 2014.  This will be White Fronted Geese in flight.  Keep an eye out for it.

12-14-12 cattail draw